At the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC), our job is to ensure our infrastructure meets the needs of our growing population and businesses. 

From planning to construction, every project is about improving safety, supporting jobs and economic growth, and providing better access for all who travel through our area. We know that providing safe and efficient connections supports our regional economy and keeps our communities strong. 

KYTC is studying various options for improving safety and connectivity between Jessamine and Fayette counties, but will not consider any improvement options that cross or impact the Kentucky River.


Specifically, the Jessamine-Fayette Connectivity Study will consider how to improve east-west connectivity in the study area and will examine current conditions related to safety and mobility in and between northeast Jessamine and southeast Fayette counties. The current study will not consider any connections or roadway improvements that would cross or impact the Kentucky River. 

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Click the map to view a larger image of the study area, highlighted above in the purple shaded section. It consists of the area from Nicholasville Road to the west to I-75 to the east and stops north of the Kentucky River to the south.

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A public meeting was held for the Jessamine-Fayette Connectivity Study on Thursday, July 22, 2021.

Below are downloadable versions of the exhibits that were on display at the meeting.

Jessamine Fayette Existing and Future Traffic Demand

Jessamine Fayette Crash History

Jessamine Fayette Corridor Improvement Concepts

Jessamine Fayette Corridor Spot Improvement Concepts

Jessamine Fayette Fall 2020 Public Feedback

KYTC Project Process: Where Are We?

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The Jessamine-Fayette Connectivity Study is currently in the Planning phase. 

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The public plays a critical role throughout the planning and project development process, specifically by providing local knowledge and feedback that helps inform decision making. 


Comments and questions about the study can be shared with us at

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Submit questions and comments to our project team at